• We can deliver all over the UK mainland. Other areas will be subject to an additional charge.
  • Every product on the Direct-Stone-Tiles website is held in stock and under normal circumstances, we can deliver in five working days.
  • Pallets are approximately 1m in height, width and length. All pallets will be shrink wrapped.
  • The delivery vehicle is a 7.5 tonne lorry (dimensions approx. 2m wide x 6m long) please consider the width of your road and any parked cars within the vicinity.
  • The delivery is KERBSIDE ONLY the drivers responsibility will end here. Movement of your goods onto your property is then your responsibility.
  • If the driver believes that gaining access to your property would cause damage to surrounding properties or your own they are within their rights to refuse to deliver, in which case a re-delivery can be looked into and discussed.
  • A signature is required upon receipt of the goods, please ensure there is at least one person on site to co-ordinate and accept the delivery
  • Any aborted deliveries will be charged for, if we are not made aware of access problems in advance or due to lack of signatory
  • All deliveries are made weekdays between 8.00am and 5.00pm, no timed deliveries are available.

Thank you, we trust this has given you a better understanding of what your delivery entails. While the majority of our deliveries are executed easily, given the varied circumstances of our individual customers, we feel that the more information you receive beforehand, the better you can prepare and advise us of any special instructions to make your delivery as easy as possible.